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What We Do

We are woking with the Amazon Conservation Association (ACA) and its Peruvian sister organization ACCA to tell the story of conservation in the Los Amigos-Tambopata (LAT) Conservation Corridor with still photography and video. The LAT Corridor will connect protected lands between Peru’s Manu National Park and Bolivia’s Madidi National Park, forming a mega-corridor for wildlife  and ensuring that deforestation will not isolate theses protected areas. The corridor is ACA/ACCA’s response to the construction of the Inter-oceanic Highway in Peru and Brazil. The new highway, scheduled for completion in early 2011, will connect the Atlantic to the Pacific by passing directly through the Andes and the Amazon basin, exposing previously impenetrable habitat to deforestation and development. From highland cloud forests to lowland Amazonia, we will investigate the story from all angles, documenting organizational and community efforts to mitigate the highway’s effects.

Community outreach is an important component of our work. With ACCA’s help, we have arranged to spend three months in communities along the highway. Using digital cameras, we will teach photography and environmental awareness to local children.

The construction of the Trans-Amazonian highway in Brazil led to an environmental and social disaster. We hope that raising environmental awareness will help prevent a similar disaster from occurring in Peru. Our project is based on our belief in the power of photography to communicate ideas effectively to the public. We hope that in communicating the need for conservation and the process of its implementation, we can help preserve one of the world’s most beautiful and globally important ecosystems.

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